#65 – Make bread

Eating fresh made bread is one of the life’s simple pleasures.  When we were little, my Poppa (my Dad’s dad) would make bread on the weekends. It was delicious and special and knowing our Poppa made it for us made it even more special.

This was so easy and I felt so triumphant when it turned out successfully.  The bread was a perfect addition to the breakfast we made for my Mum and brothers for Mother’s Day!


Details: We used this recipe from Frugal Living NW (found on Pinterest).  We did the 3 cups whole wheat, 3 cups unbleached option, but left out the molasses (which in retrospect would have been delicious!).  We cooked the bread in a 4.7L French oven (smaller than the recipe recommends, but seemed to work fine).

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